Aug - Hong Kong Government announces Radiant Tech Ventures Fund LP ("RTV Fund") as a Co-investment Partner of the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund Corporation ("ITVFC"). 


Sep - RTV Fund and ITVFC co-invests in FP International Limited which operates the FundPark financial services platform focusing on trade and supply chain financial liquidity of SMEs.

May - RTV Fund lead an investment round in Zhimadi Technology Inc. which engages in research and development of software as a service (SaaS) and offering of associated devices and services to enhance the trading and operational efficiency of fruits and vegetables wholesale supply chain industry.  Other co-investors include ITFVC and

Jul - RTV Fund and ITVFC co-invests in Atalon International Limited which engages in the development of digital systems and software solutions for customer engagement, revenue enhancement and management improvement for the retail as well as food and beverage industries.

Sep - RTV Fund and ITVFC co-invests in freeD Group Inc. which engaged in the development of the TravelFlan platform which utilizes artificial intelligence chatbot technology to empowers travel, hopitality and retail industry players to more effectively connect with their consumers.

Dec - RTV Fund and ITVFC co-invests in Kin Shun Information Technology Holdings Limited which offers the Zeek smart logistics platform to provide service software as a service and diversified delivery solutions for corporate clients in retail, food & beverage and e-commerce industries.